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With pride, I can finally tell you that it is Madeleine Martin who plays Jana Berzelius in the TV series "Jana - Marked for Life". Here follows the press release from Viaplay: The actor and shooting star Madeleine Martin now takes on the lead role of Jana Berzelius in Viaplay's new thriller series Jana - Marked for life. In the star-studded cast, we see, among others, German-Swedish August Wittgenstein playing the prosecutor Peer Bruckner, who leads the case that Jana takes part in. They both begin a relationship that eventually develops into a budding romance. In addition, we see the gold bag winners Sigrid Johnson and Zlatko Buric together with Johan Ulveson, Pernilla August, Fredrik Hallgren, Moa Gammel, Mahmut Suvakci, Peshang Rad and the Danish star Thure Lindhardt in the roles. The series is directed by Felix Herngren and Henrik Björn for FLX. The filming of Viaplay's new drama thriller in six parts takes place in large parts of Norrköping and also in Stockholm. The Viaplay series is based on the first book in author Emelie Schepp's best-selling series about the prosecutor, and former child soldier, Jana Berzelius. - It feels incredibly fun to play Jana. The character is unlike anything I've done before, so it's both scary and fun at the same time. I have wanted to work with both Henrik and Felix for a long time, and am so impressed by the team on set. It is a privilege to work with them. We shouldn't even talk about the cast, says Madeleine Martin. Jana - Marked for Life begins with a high-ranking head of the Swedish Migration Agency being found murdered in his home and the list of suspects is long. As an assistant prosecutor, Jana steps in to participate in the investigation. She's young and brilliant but struggles with terrifying nightmares - something she's always been told is a result of her childhood as a refugee from a war-torn country. When the suspect's body is found, Jana recognizes something on his scarred body. The further into the investigation she gets, the more she realizes that it has to do with herself and she is now forced to dig into her own childhood that she tried to repress. To understand her past, she must find the killer - before the police do. - It has been incredibly exciting and fun to participate in this action-packed series. Being able to act against such skilled colleagues as Madeleine Martin has been a nice and very rewarding experience. I look forward to seeing how the result will be at Viaplay in the future, says August Wittgenstein. Jana - Marked for Life is based on the first book in the best-selling book series about Jana Berzelius created by author Emelie Schepps. The series premieres later on Viaplay. - It feels incredibly exciting that we are making a film adaptation of Emelie Schepp's thriller novel about Jana Berzelius. The filming feels promising, to say the least, and this international action thriller has a super-qualified and passionate team both in front of and behind the camera. Now I want to fast forward to the premiere to see the result, Filippa Wallestam, EVP and Chief Content Officer at Viaplay Group. Jana - Märkta för lifet is produced by FLX in co-production with Viaplay, with support from the Norrköping Film Fund. Producer at FLX is Sussan Treschow and executive producer is Elin Kvist. Creators of the series and directors are Felix Herngren and Henrik Björn. The main authors are Maria Karlsson and Daniel Sawka. Episode author is Charlotte Lesche. Executive producers are Erik Barmack at Wild Sheep and Martin Rea at Reaz. Executive producer at Viaplay is Lotta Dolk.